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Oldies & Rarities is a short-story collection by Norwegian author Tor E. Steiro. 

Toshiro Sakamoto is unlucky in love and in life. He is stuck in a boring job and he is already quite invested in life online. So when a revolution in social media comes knocking he can't stay away, but it's easy to get lost.

In the early 1870s the Bender family settles on a new piece of land that the US government had taken from the Indians. Based on actual events, follow the family that managed the unthinkable.

The Conway family lives the perfect life, but when the small town of Brixtonville gets betrayed by the government, the family and the rest of the town faces an uncertain future.

These and more stories within the book.

Oldies & Rarities was released in December 2016.

It can be bought here.