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Voices From The Unknown is a book collection filled with short-stories, poems and texts from aspiring writers that wants to make a name for themselves in the world of literature as well as writers on a good path to greatness.

Authors who have contributed with this release:

Linda Moen, Henriette Aasheim Pettersen, Tonje Ness Meinhardt, Therese Iversen, André Flåten, C. Billingsley Adams, Miriam Husebø, Espen Hovednak, Silje Angelvik, Veslemøy Krey Stubberud, Sarah Christina, James Wymore, Poul Ryden Hansen, Britt I. Strand, Randi Berg Ferstad, Trine Pernille Berg, Gabriel Anitra Normand, Phill Gee, Ann-Christin Westerheim, Lisa Bonaccorso, Tor E. Steiro, Victoria K. Gravdal, Mona Sønsterud, Therese Borrie, Kristina Monsen, Stine, Helene W. Zacho, Pauline Tarberg, Beatrice Andrea Johannessen and Lucie Murphy.

This book was released on September 28th 2015, and can be bought here.